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Tubular turbines are starting to getting a growing interest across the globe and are often used instead of Kaplan turbines in very low pressure head situations.

These turbines are characterized by the axial flow of the fluid and they do not require a snail-shaped conduit, so they have a smaller footprint than Kaplan turbines, which means that they require only minimal civil engineering works.

Also in the tubular turbine, as well as for the Kaplan turbine, it is possible the adjustment of the runner blades in function of the distributor ones, this allows to obtain very high efficiency (up to 90%) in a large range of flow rates. Note that in a power plant equipped with a tubular turbine, the maintenance is extremely simple, every part of the machine is easily accessible from the local.
Another advantage is the cost effectiveness of the eventual multiplier (sometimes necessary in the case of very low heads) compared to the same installed on a vertical axis turbine.
Our tubular turbines can be installed on jumps from 2 to 30 meters.